My name is Emmah Reeder. I am from Melbourne, Australia, and enjoy reading books. A lot. I also love sharing the books I read, and influencing more people to read.

See, I think I was born to be a reader, I mean my last name is REEDER. Is that not a sign?

My passion for reading started at a young age. I didn’t grow up in the generation of technology. If I wanted to use the internet, I had to go over to my Pop’s house, disconnect the phone line, and wait for the web pages to load. Usually, within 20 minutes of surfin’ the web, Pop would come in and tell me to get off the internet as an important call regarding next weeks golfing adventure would be coming through any minute.

We found our own way of entertainment. I found books.

It took me a while to learn to read, I got assistance from my Pop and from a readers aid at my primary school. I’ll be forever grateful to have a Pop who inspired and encouraged me to read, and persist with it. He was always willing to listen to me splutter aloud through the pages of any book, and assist me with the pronunciation and meanings of words.

But once I knew how to read, I couldn’t be stopped.

Skip forward 13 years to 2015, I am 21, working full time, juggling a social life, a boyfriend and a puppy and I don’t have any time to read. I average one book a year. If that.

Then, my world is turned upside down.

I need something to distract myself, something that can take me away from my current life. Something that will build my confidence, something that will help me interact with people. Something… great.

A book is recommended to me as “easy to read, yet intriguing and exiting” – it isn’t something I would have read before a series of misfortunate events that were my life. It was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

I fell in love with reading like never before. Since then, I haven’t stopped reading.

I am by no means a reader who reads 8 books a week – occasionally I can finish a book in a day, but I really love to take my time and absorb the story. Get to know the characters.

I am sitting here, writing this blog, purely to share my thoughts on what I have read. Prior to this blog, it was sitting inside my head. Clouding around. Or it would be a topic of conversation between a friend and I, except that friend wouldn’t be listening, because they didn’t give a rat’s a** to what I had read.

I hope my blogs can inspire you to pick up a book you wouldn’t have considered reading before, or maybe to just pick a book up in general.




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