Who’s Afraid

Who’s Afraid

By Maria Lewis

Here I sit, at the coWho's Afraid?  (Tommi Grayson #1)mpletion of my first WEREWOLF (had to emphasize) novel. I would never have even glanced twice at this book if it wasn’t for a friend insisting on buying for me for my birthday. Nope. I hate books about Werewolf’s. Stupid. Hate. Lame. Unrealistic. No emotions.


Wasn’t I wrong. Who’s Afraid had me turning page after page due to its consistent pace, it’s REALISTIC characters and their relationships leave you reeling for more. MORE MARIA MORE!!!!!

I think one of the things that works so well for Who’s Afraid as it is 120% werewolf. You aren’t drowning in the damn thing. Maria has done an excellent job at maintaining a pleasant balance.

We follow Tommi Grayson’s journey as she sets out to discover who her father really is, only for her to discover she is a Werewolf. She must learn to adjust to life now knowing that on full moons she will transform into a wolf. With the help of immortal Lorcan she will have to learn to control a lot more then here wolfie feelings.

Tommi’s brother Steven (who she encounters earlier in the book) manages to track her down. Without giving away any spoilers, Steven is dangerous and must be caught before he causes harm to Tommi and the ones she loves… This book is full of twists and surprises, happy moments and moments that truly rip your heart out.

The book is currently rated a 3.8 star out of a possible 5 on Goodreads. I would rate this a 4/5 star myself!

To add to the book, this is to be made into a TV series!

The ending has left me wanting to read the second book – so no doubt if you stay tuned to my blog in the coming weeks you will see a review of Who’s Afraid Too.

If you have never read a Werewolf themed book before… Read this. If you have read a Werewolf themed book before… Still read this. If you want a bloody good book to read… read this!!




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