The Best of Adam Sharp

The Best of Adam Sharp

By Graeme Simsion

31451047Don’t you love it, when you pick up a book randomly due to boredom, and it turns out to be one of your favorite books of 2017 thus far?! I don’t. Kidding, I do, I really do.

The Best of Adam Sharp was not in my TO BE READ pile, I am not going to sit here and pretend it was. Damn; it should have been. A quick summary of the book…

Adam falls in love with Angelina (who he believes is out of his league) in Melbourne in 1989 whilst he is out here doing some contracted work for an IT company. Angelina is married/considering separation at the time they meet in a bar whilst Adam is playing the Piano. Flash forward twenty two years, Adam is with Claire, living in England. Angelina, well we don’t know what happened to her. Until one day Adam gets an email from her.

Adam ends up in country side France for a week long holiday with Angelina and…. wait for it…. her husband.

That is all I am going to say about the summary because if I say ANYTHING else, I am going to take away some shine from the book/ruin some good twists/ruin your life/eat your left over dinner from last night.

This book is great for Melbournians as the places/suburbs it is set in are real/did exist!

I think Graeme writes such relatable charterers with much warmth and humor that the story is able to flow.

I read this book in a day, it is such an easy and pleasant read, I am now looking to read “The Rosie Project” which from my online research, is way more liked then this book.

The Best of Adam Sharp had me reading to the very last page! It is available at all leading book retailers in Australia, as well as Kmart & Big W.






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