See What I Have Done

See What I Have Done

By Sarah Schmidt

32508637I am such a sucker when it comes to judging a book by it’s cover! I know we are constantly told in all aspects of our lives to not judge a book by it’s cover, but I can’t help it.

I was instantly drawn to See What I Have Done due to the beautiful blue hues of the front cover. It was/is a new release book so there weren’t too many reviews available for me to look through. I had to rely purely on my book gut instinct… and once again… it was right 😉

The story follows 4 characters on/around a particular day. It follows two sisters, Emma & Lizzie, their maid, Bridget, and a man called Benjamin, who we find out is hired by Emma & Lizzie’s uncle to kill their father.

But when Benjamin gets inside the house he is shocked to find his job has already been done… Someone has killed not only Father, but also Abby (Step mother.) The saying goes –  “Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41″ If this all does sound familiar, that may be because it is a fictionalized story based on a the real life murders or Andrew and Abby Borden in 1892.

Although wealthy, things in the Borden house were not of a happy atmosphere. Relations between Abby and her two step daughters were strained, and although Lizzie and Emma were close and growing up inseparable, there was a simmer of tension growing between them.

I believe upon reading this novel, you will form your own opinion and view on each character, and ultimately what happened on that day. For me, I found Lizzie to be quite haunting and almost like a fractious child at times, rather then an adult women.

Without giving too much away, I do suggest picking up a copy, it is an interesting read, I was able to read it in one sitting, I found it to be a page turner of sorts. I will also suggest that you look into the Lizzie Border case, to put it simply, she was the OJ Simpson of her time – very interesting stuff!

This book is currently available in all leading book sellers in Australia and on their web stores. RRP $32.99


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